Dressed to Kill

I don’t know exactly why, but I found myself immediately fascinated by the concept of taking a Jager identity in Second Life.  Criminal Magic started life as a Neko who occasionally prowled the streets of City of Lost Angels, but I found that I did not have the time to continue a storyline in a role-playing sim.  I was not in Second Life enough to establish my character and find a place in the Neko clan, so I eventually stopped using this avatar altogether.

And then, as I said, I found Jagers living in Second Life.  The Steampunk sims are more open-ended than the combat sims, so I found dropping in occasionally to be less disruptive.  So I decided to make myself Jager.

In my last post, I introduced my hat and my backstory.  This time, I am going to spend some time out of character to talk about how I came up with the Jager look.  There are many different Jagers in SL, but there are a great variety of them in Girl Genius, too.  It’s part of our charm.

The Jager look is always stylish, and has some military or warrior connection.  Most of the Jagers in GG wear a regular uniform, presumably from the army they served in when the Heterodynes offered them the Jagerbrew.  Some are dressed as irregulars, hunters, or other fighting types.  Almost all have hats.

I started with things that I already had in my inventory.  I used the same shape that I have used as a Neko (and for almost all of my costumes, which will appear in later posts).  The skin came with the shape.  It had mod/copy permissions, so I changed the tint to a blue.  Jager skin tones are widely varied, but usually are light colors.  In my next post, I intend to cover how to make simple adjustments to skin and clothing to refine an outfit.  The eyes are also my usual pair.

The first piece of clothing that I used to build the Jager outfit from was the hat.  Hats are the core of Jager fashion, and are important to them on a very personal level.  So I used this hat to create my story and my apperance.  The skulls had a grim aspect, but they are so tiny and cute.  As a tiny asked me about them shortly after Saint Patrick’s Day, I flippantly repied that they were not tinies, but “little people” (I may have mentioned stew at that point as well).  But that served as the basis for the Leaprecan Smoke Knights in my backstory.

The truth is, I bought my hat.  When I first found it, it was a $1L limited-time promotional offer in Xstreet SL.  It is still affordable at its regular price of $100L from Voodoo Apocylipse.

The owner recently closed the main store, but will be back with a new one.  For now, the hats are available at a vendor in Jabberwocky.   There are a large number of very well made hats.  I wish I still had pictures of the old store, as the atmosphere was perfect, but I lost the original verson of this post in a hard drive failure.

The hair I chose was intended to give a wild look…it juts out through the hat in an explosion of unkempt abandon.  It came as part of an outfit from another Xstreet SL merchant  called Chemical Kisses.  The image below has a different ribbon color, but is part of a $1L outfit.

Having my hat and hair in order, I needed a good uniform to match.  Not finding anything in my inventory, I headed over to one of my favorite spots: Bare Rose.

It didn’t take long to find a promising outfit.

For $170L I got a nice uniform complete with boots and a jacket in four colors.  Bare Rose outfits are sold with no copy/transfer permissions, so some can be shared with several different avatars.  This one uses the same cuffs and epaulets for all of the colors, so they don’t work well alone.  In another post I will show some that do work well for sharing.  My only problem is that it was a bit…immodest for a Jager.

So I had to go shopping again.  This time, I found a perfect set of trousers at the freebies cart in Caledon.

The pants with the Curlean Sky box added the perfect fit to the uniform I was working on.  For those who visit, I would like to point out that the “Gentleman in a Box” next to it appears to be defective, or else someone ate the gentleman in mine, as all I got was any empty suit of clothes.

Rounding out the outfit are my glasses, a pair that I use often…I just don’t look like me without glasses, and a pistol for that complete Jager Lady look.  The pistol is available for $150L on Xstreet SL and can be purchased for right or left hand, and with a choice of scripted options for different combat sims.

So there you have it…a stylish Jager on the cheap…I paid under $200L for the outfit plus $150 for the pistol.  A little creative shopping and the possibilities in Second Life are endless, even if your budget isn’t.


I would like to introduce my hat.

my-hatIt is a very good hat.

Some of you may be puzzled.  Don’t worry; everyone will be puzzled by the time I get through.  You see, I am Jäger.  After the Hetrodyne, nothing is more important to a Jäger than their hat.  And this is the story of how I got my hat.

I was born the daughter of an innkeeper in the Duchy of Friesen, one of the many small states of Europa.  As a girl, I knew nothing of politics and kings.  I would learn that the hard way.

My family, it seems, became a pawn in the wars of Eurpoa, like so many others.  We ran the finest inn in the Low Countries, and many nobles and sparks stayed on their travels.  It was on account of one guest that I got my hat.

At the time a major warlord, one of the forgotten despots of Europa, was consolidating his power.   He was gathering the strongest of the great families to him, playing them against each other to build his own position.  Many of the Fifty Families he bribed and bought off with promises to maintain their power (so that he could play them against each other).  Any nobility that did not swear fealty to his budding empire was either conquered or destroyed.

There was one family that this warlord could neither bribe nor defeat.  No matter how he tried, the Heterodynes remained independent, a wildcard in the careful balance of power that any potential ruler of Europa relied on.  He could not tame them, and every assault on Mechanicsburg failed.

Having failed at every direct attempt, the cunning fiend resorted to a trap.  At the time, the head of the Heterodyne family was Erasmus Occultus Heterodyne.   He was, as we Jägers like to say, one of the Fun Heterodynes.  His passion was plants, and his goal was to catalogue all of the dangerous flowers of Europa.

So the warlord used two sparks to try to eliminate Erasmus and weaken the Heterodynes.  First he contacted Henry Jekyll, a spark from Eire who was leading a revolt against Albia.  He offered to train a squadron of Jekyll’s leprechauns in the art of Smoke if they would dispatch the Heterodyne.  To bait the trap, he hired Lars van Terror to grow a batch of carnivorous tulips, which he set loose in the Low Countries.

The trap worked mostly as planned.  Hearing of the tulip menace, Erasmus set off with only a small party of Jägers.  His party arrived late one evening at my family’s inn.  While the Jägers scouted ahead for tulips, Erasmus set up his lab in our great hall.

That night, the trap was sprung.  I awoke to a strange silence.  Having lived all my life at the inn, I was accustomed to the noises of travelers, snoring of guests, the barking of dogs and the sound of horses in their stalls.  This night, every noise was gone.

I crept downstairs, where I found my family murdered.   I knew I should shout, weep, cry.  But instead, I felt a rage build inside me, and a terrible determination.   I would cry for my family, but only after every one of their murderers was cold and dead.

Grabbing the club my father used to reason with guests who had been overly indulgent in his excellent beer, I moved quietly through the house.  The only sound at all came from the great hall, so that is where I went, mindful of everything around me, more aware than I had ever been in my life.

Once I entered the room, I saw that Erasmus Heterodyne was still alive, the only person other than myself.  He seemed worried, and was holding an odd device that was unlike anything I had ever seen before.  If hummed, and as he moved it about the sound changed.  When it became the most shrill, he tensed and pointed it into a dark corner.  The room lit up brighter than a summer day.   A small creature fell burning to the floor.  In that flash, I saw a dozen tiny warriors about the room, crouched and waiting to strike.  They were so intent upon the Heterodyne that I had come unobserved into the room.

I did not hesitate.  Before the flash faded, I had smashed three of them.  In the dark, I swung at where another pair had stood, taking one of them.  But in the dark, they moved quickly.  Small as they were, I felt the sting of their daggers, but my rage carried me through.  Erasmus fired his weapon again, and as he burned two more, I struck at the foes from the opposite side of the room.   Again darkness returned, and they fell upon me.  After another burst from the spark’s machine, I slew the last of them.

I had my revenge.  Everything I loved was gone, my family all lost.  Having done my grim deed, the strength left my body.  I collapsed in the room where I had served meals and drink to thousands of the travelers of Europa, where I had met my dearest friends, and where I had played as a child.  I was home, and I felt myself slipping away to join my family.

But the room brightened.  Erasmus had lit a lantern, and was soon joined by his Jägers, who had rushed back to the inn after hearing the commotion.  I found myself looking up at Erasmus and the most beautiful lady that I had ever seen, and who I now know to be General Gkika.   Erasmus thanked me for my bravery, but there was sadness in his eyes.  He told me that my wounds were grave, and that he did not possess the equipment to heal me here.  But he offered me a chance.  He said that because of my bravery, and my great determination and quick action, he would allow me to taste the Jägerbräu.  I accepted, and he moved a bottle to my lips.  I shall never forget the sweet taste.  General Gkika took me to my room, and for days watched over me, waiting to see if I would die, or beg for death.  But I lived, and I was changed.  I awoke and left my room a Jäger.

On the table outside my room was my father’s best hat.  The Jägers had found it, and had attached the skulls of my enemies around it as a hat band, to remind me of the day I was brave enough to join the Jägers.